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   As a Small Business Owner, do you ever feel out of control of your books? 

Does accounting appear as a "foreign language" to you

Would you like to know your books are correct when you take them to your tax preparer? 

Would you like to know for sure that you are not paying more than you should be in taxes? 

Would you like to be more in control of your business and your books?


Mary K. Waldorf has been serving Small Business Owners for 20 years as an accounting consultant and auditor in Tennessee and Alabama.  Mary Waldorf has been performing small business audits for a variety of small businesses for many years. 

Mary K. Waldorf speaks your language as a small business owner and can help you deceipher your books and take control of your Income Statement so that it makes sense to you, not just your accountant and your banker.

Mary K. Waldorf also serves small business owners as a Liaison between you and your accountant. Since Mary speaks "both languages" she can communicate with both the small business owner and the accountant, thereby bridging what is sometimes quite a gap between the two, aiding in important communication that is vital to the small business owner.

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Mary Waldorf offers a "Bookkeeping Basics" class to small business owners to help you understand the basics of bookkeeping as it relates to your small business. Learn how to find your Breakeven Point and how to Plan your Profit.  The "Bookkeeping Basics" class can be taught in your own office or place of business.

Bookkeeping Basics Course is now in production and will soon be available on DVD with workbook.

Click here NOW to RESERVE your copy today!

Audits By Mary

now serving the Cartersville, Calhoun, Canton, and Acworth, GA area

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"Know Your Books are Correct and Save $$$"

Audits By Mary

Mary K. Waldorf

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